Food Snaps!

#SonyWYV challenge! โค้งสุดท้ายแล้วนะคะกับแคมเปญการประกวดภาพถ่ายของโซนี่ South East Asia ลุ้นรับรางวัลใหญ่คือกล้อง #A5100 mirrorless ตัวล่าสุดที่เฟื่องใช้อยู่ และนี่คือภาพที่เฟื่องส่งเข้าประกวดเป็นตัวอย่าง มาอ่านกันซิว่าช็อตนี้เฟื่องได้มาอย่างไร. 🙂


Food, glorious food! Yes, I love food, and food is my passion. And I am always on the prowl for new restaurants and eateries to visit, and of course, order from interesting menus. The main challenge for me is figuring out the best way to express their yumminess to my friends and followers through the photos I snap. I have experimented with various photography methods over the years, and found this simple and effective way to obtain the most alluring picture.


With my #α5100, one of Sony’s latest user-friendly mirrorless cameras, I was able to capture this image in a jiffy without fuss. This photo of the delicious spicy chicken wings, snapped with the E PZ 16–50 mm F3.5-5.6 OSS kit lens, was taken under the restaurant’s warm incandescent lighting. After the dish was served, I picked up my trusty camera, enabled its Intelligent Auto mode, and zoomed-in on the dish’s ingredients to capture and emphasize the juiciness of the chicken.


To secure this shot, I simply half-pressed the shutter button, and the camera automatically focused on one main wing and blurred the other parts itself, including the background. If you are not happy with where the camera first focused on, you can half-press the shutter button again and the camera will reprocess the focus points by using its wide-area 179 AF points and fast auto-focusing ability.

After capturing the image, I used the camera’s WiFi feature to transfer the photo to my smartphone via Sony’s Play Memories App. This also enabled me to upload the photo to my social media channels in real time as I am sitting right there in the restaurant. Isn’t that great?


If you would like to have a shot at winning the fabulous α5100, simply submit your ‘Colours of Life’ photos at And by the way, there are no camera-brand restrictions for the photo contest! Just snap, submit, & stand a chance to win a grand prize worth USD3,000 as well. It’s so easy! Entries close on 28 December 2014. #SonyWYV #SonyAlpha


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