Food-Styling Activity with Intel Thailand

“Blanket of love in the garden” Food-Styling Activity with Intel Thailand.

Hello lovely readers, as always 🙂 After all contracts in the IG and Facebook Fanpage that will tell the things that go with Intel in the workshop. Today, I write about it.

Intel held a workshop for the media group is small. On Friday 31 October last.

The fertility was honored to host this event. (Thank you, Intel Ireland)

The couple have two executives of Intel’s older brother, fittings and squirrels to provide information on consumer behavior is changing. Must communicate all the time. Whether it is work Personal or family life The devices are needed in the market now is the Tablet and Phablet because it can meet the lifestyle needs quickly and flexibly as possible.

It also provides ideas about buying a tablet is currently available models. A variety of brands on the market That is an important factor in choosing a beautiful design. Our goal is to use, portable, light weight, versatility and efficiency in the processing good.

The brothers, both emphasized that. To measure the quality of chips. See non-core (core) but you’ve got to look at the performance of each core chips better. The activity workshop today at the driveway Food Stylist name of the country in. The fair was WORKS shop with my media Cooking 1 menu “blanket Love in the Garden” and teach the dish open to everyone. fully express their creativity And guidelines a little. In addition, teachers also taught photography techniques with a tablet, however the food more appealing, too.
The first menu “blanket of love” How do easily. But eat out very thin and elegant.
How easy is it
1. Bring a large sheet of rice flour to lightly tap water to make it soft.
2. Vegetables / colorful flowers arranged. The color in. It provides for a scheme which already consists of sweet pea flowers, roses, cucumbers, carrots, basil and shredded radish and carrot salad, toss it. To taste
3. Roll the dough tightly wrapped gut 🙂 it will be colorful.
4. However, since the color is going to look. Wrap the dough over to make yet another layer. By doing the same, sprinkle a little flour.
5. Then put a little bit of olive oil to the flour. To sprinkle sesame / black to be caught.
6. Cut into pieces And decorative plates that have cropped up. (This step is an opportunity for everyone to express their creativity in the composition of the highest plate).

Here is a sample plate of my siblings and media executives.

A little tip from. I forefront of Thailand’s Food Stylist.

  • If a decorative serving dishes to eat. All of the furnishings should be eaten. It is designed to shoot down the magazine. Uses crop otherwise.
  • Choose a color that contrasts beautifully combine to make the food look appetizing color.
  • No need to photograph the entire dish. The selected part of the succulent meal time.
  • Cooking can break For the filling Sometimes a more artistic. And eat more foods that look too perfect.
  • Highlights of the image should be focused on. Focus on that point But there can be extra components.

Living the sweet dish you after it’s done ‘.

There is really one of the activities The dish came to the contest 🙂 (but not photographed ฮืaๆ).

Much fun it underscores the concept of “professionalism hidden in you” intel because of inquiries from the media all this is my first time to try the restaurant and this dish beautifully. But everyone can do very well.

Fun activities like this here. Hope to have the opportunity to participate again. I will tell you again here.


Today, ready to power Hello.