Starting and Saying Hello

Hello readers who frequented visited ESTE all.

Fueanglada Asara Sanguanruang it.

(Fueanglada is the nickname since birth. I believe that many people have in mind does not matter if you’re not the first, lol).

I have long wanted to try a blogger for some
privacy, since it is people like recruiting activities. Like new things
, sometimes I want to share a story wanted to talk, but the past is not shared. I feel that the social media era, the nature of each medium and the restrictions vary
author has not yet made ​​up the main social media has played a hotshot 3 is Instagram, Twitter and Facebook too.

The feeling of Nerdy Nature of the three, this is a different. Means in order to keep track of your personal media. And people do not get it (This is my personal opinion. Many people may think differently).



Instagram: image and focus caption
photos to upload to another randomly selected. Choose the best dress, the color is beautiful because the main idea of the IG is a “gallery” where people come to know us as simple as possible from each image that we post. This gallery, which many times is like an “identity” We
have a style. More from Lifestyle retouching emotional tone of the picture
and the caption should be anything but a consistent picture. (Fertility, but most do not have. 555)
and should be read smoothly concise writing, it was not so long to read
it slide because most of the time the picture was over. (Unless it is a really interesting storyline content).

Twitter: write a short comedy drama Quotes sellers
Twitter here a little more freedom to print. We have tens of thousands and thousands of thousands tweet tweet. Will be short term, but it will take something into print
, but to get the most Retweet He’s thoughtful. Quotes / drama / comedy. Then news scorching around
the course. The rhyming words, it must be beautiful. You must be in excess of 140 letters that ended a short url to read. Rarely will anyone read it
because he was skipping a shock to read someone else’s timeline now.

Facebook: write long, but lacking the freedom to look like blogs
, Facebook is more suitable for them in touch with the people. Talk to people or friends updated live update works, but nothing to write conscientiously held to look beautiful, it is quite limited.

This amount was to be able to write about what they have long shared a blog like me. This is really bad to say. I decided to start the blog, she writes. And may be open along with the YouTube channel.

Most of it seems to be a hotshot interests, then I would have faced repeated as IT / Language / lifestyle / Health
also leave the track with me :)).

See you next block it.